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TOP 5 Cute Cats | Dog Cat

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Who doesn’t like cute cats? Even those who say they hate felines do not resist the photos we find so easily on social networks, but those who think that model cats or just kittens are used for this are wrong. With a little patience, a camera and his favorite toys, any kitten can have a cute photo shoot to leave anyone dying of love.

First of all we have to remember that cats are quite temperamental. There is no point in wanting to take pictures of your cat on a day when he is in a bad mood, it will only make your cat angry and you with some scratches of memory. Cute cats are photographed during their daily lives, so if you want to record your feline’s best moments, always keep an eye on his activities and enjoy it. Hopefully they will like the attention received and will even charm you, especially if it yields affection and praise.

A good tip is to take advantage that cats love outdoor walks. Enjoy a sunny day that is not too hot, go to the yard with the pussy, take his toys and let him have fun! Their natural curiosity will take care of the rest and your job will just be to ensure that he won’t run away and enjoy your modeling moment.

Even indoors, just a well-lit place and a little creativity to get your pet’s attention and have the camera in hand, they will surely love the game and the attention that is being dedicated to them and will make it everything more fun, even if he decides to play with the camera, nothing more adorable than having a picture of a cute cat looking full of curiosity into the lens.

Just be sure not to use the flash, especially if it is too close to it or directly against your face, this can make the pussy aloof and irritated by the sudden light. Also, don’t try to make them stand in a specific pose, they will just get angry and try to run away from you for trying to force something they don’t want.

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Top 5 cute cats!

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