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Summer is coming and dog owners with medium or long coats are already beginning to think if it is time to shear their hair, because it is common sense to believe that the dog needs shearing in the summer to feel more refreshed.

Although we think that when doing shear in summer we are helping our dog not to pass so much heat, because the coat gets hot, it is not quite how it works. The coat does not act like clothing for us; more in winter to warm up, less in summer to cool off.

The coat, in fact, helps to balance the dog’s body temperature. Serving as a thermal insulator, it prevents the dog from losing or receiving excess heat. Because they do not have sweat glands like us to perform heat exchange and manage to make the body cool, they use their tongues. It is when they are literally speaking with their tongue out, it is not always due to tiredness, it is often to balance their body temperature.

In fact, in some breeds the shear in summer it is necessary, but it is during the whole year, not for aesthetic reasons, but for reasons of hygiene and health. The Shih-tzu, the Poodle, the Cocker, the Lhasa Apso are among the breeds that need grooming not only in the summer, but every 45 days, on average. Some breeds can shear every three months, it can vary a lot. The pet shop professional will be able to indicate the best time to regulate the grooming.

The tip is to leave at least 5cm of coat length for breeds that cannot have the shear in summer, because they need the coat.

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Can I groom the dog at home?

You can cut your hair yourself at home, but most of the time it will be a bad idea. It’s because? Because who is not a professional, does not know exactly how to get a haircut, for that there are specialized people for this function. The same goes for the dog. It’s not just running the machine over the dog. Have you ever thought if you groom your Chow-chow like a Poodle? Each race has a cut and a professional knows which is which.

The professional of a pet shop is prepared to know if such a breed should maintain or not, if the shear in summer it should be done, if the hygienic grooming is better, in which the intimate areas, the belly and other places that are more dirty are groomed, or if the baby grooming is better, which leaves the fur as small as the babies. When in doubt, always consult a professional.

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ATTENTION: This content is for information only and does not replace consultation with a veterinarian or specialized service. Find a supplier near your home.

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