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Training dogs may not seem like the easiest task in the world, however, because they are very intelligent animals, this task can be simplified with the help of some important and efficient tips.

Anyone who has pets at home knows that, in many cases, the animals end up using all this intelligence precisely to “dominate” the house and have their wishes met by the owners, but through a few simple and basic steps, it is possible to train dogs and make them more obedient, ensuring tranquility and even silence (most of the time) at home.

Positive reinforcements are among the best known methods for teaching dogs rules and tricks and, leaving aside any type of violence against animals, the technique is a great option to show dogs the best way to behave, and can also to strengthen the relationship between human parents and four-legged children during the process.

By valuing the correct actions of the animal, the positive reinforcement method helps to to train the dog through rewards to their obedience, instead of punishing the dog’s wrong and messy actions. There are some dog walkers that also help in this education.

The important thing during this process is to remember that the behavior and education of your puppy (or big dog) must be free from violence, as mistreated animals can end up developing aggressive behavior and not responding to the teachings.

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If the dog does not provide for his needs in the appropriate place, for example, take him to the correct place as many times as necessary until he gets used to it, without making use of shouting or punishment. When the animal assimilates the information and uses the right place, reward it with affection and a treat, repeating this type of reinforcement until such action becomes a habit. Remembering that we have already talked about some food recipes to help with training.

Leaving the animal slightly uncomfortable with some negative stimulus can also serve as a option to train the dog. For example: if he barks a lot or acts in the wrong way, spray a little water in the direction of the dog’s muzzle (taking care that the spray does not go into the muzzle), as the discomfort caused by the water will indicate that the behavior it’s wrong and stop him without getting hurt.

We gave 6 tips to help with training before and, as mentioned, when administered by the owner, training brings even more advantages, since the dog has more respect for its “teacher”, learning to have him as a leader and, consequently, obey it, but there are very good trainers who can do most of the heavy lifting leaving only the passing of commands to the owner.

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