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Traveling with a Cat – 4 Essential Care

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When the family goes on a trip, nothing is more normal than wanting to take the cat along, after all these pets are part of the family. But traveling with a cat is not such a simple task, you need to be aware of a number of requirements in order to travel smoothly.

Traveling with cat requires some care and these vary depending on the transport chosen for the trip. Nowadays, airlines, for example, allow the transport of animals, but they establish rules that must be followed. So get informed before you set foot on the road.

In fact, the cat is not exactly a fan of traveling. They are home animals and do not like a lot of movement, strange environments and unknown people can stress them and what for you can be the dream trip, will be an astral hell on Earth for your cat.

The ideal is not to travel with the cat. If possible, leave him in the care of a pet sitting service or even someone responsible for going to your house to change the water and give food daily, if your trip is not very long.

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