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Traveling with the pet: what can’t be missing in the suitcase?

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You have a scheduled vacation trip and does the pet go along? If you have already started packing your suitcase for the trip, don’t forget the essential items that cannot be missing in your pet’s suitcase so that you can have fun together, without going through any trouble.

Before leaving, you need to check what the characteristics of the destination are to ensure you take everything your best friend needs. It is also important to schedule a check-up of the furry with the vet to ensure that the dog is in impeccable health before leaving.

So, before getting your suitcase, tickets or car key, take a look at these tips and make your checklist. Come on?

Whether your destination is the beach or the countryside

First, be careful with the sea. The animal needs to be close to its owners and with a leash and guide to have control over it.

It is necessary to choose a place on the beach where there is a space for shade so that the furry man can rest a little while they are there. When choosing the location, it is necessary to make sure that there is no food scraps, dangerous objects such as toothpicks and vegetation that may pose a risk to the pet in case of ingestion.

Now let’s go to the indispensable items that need to be in the bag!

1 – Sunscreen

It is necessary to bring a specific sunscreen for the pet so that it is not exposed directly to the sun, avoiding heat stroke. The application must occur throughout the body, mainly in the ears and nose.

2 – Portable drinking fountain

It is necessary to be attentive to the dog’s hydration and to offer water to him frequently, thus, a portable waterer makes it much easier.

3 – Collar with guide and identification

In addition to allowing the dog’s steps to be controlled, the guided collar prevents the pet from going too far and is at risk of getting lost. The collar identification must be updated with name and phone number, essential for emergency cases.

4 – Ball or other toy

To have even more fun on the beach, throw a ball so that the dog runs to get it. This is the most traditional game that, certainly, cannot be missed. So it is important to take a ball or some toy that the dog is already used to and have fun.

5 – Walks, mat or towel

At the hotel or beach house, it is important that the dog has access to a safe place to rest. Thus, it is important to take the little house or walk for moments of rest. You should also remember to bring a towel or mat if the dog wants to lie down while they are enjoying the beach.

6 – Shampoo and bath towel

After a day at the beach with salt water and sand, you need to give the dog a good bath. The shampoo and bath towel cannot be missing.

7 – Flea and tick collar

Before traveling, the dog’s entire health routine must be up to date. Deworming, application of fleas and ticks and, of course, vaccines.

Now you can zip the suitcase, put the collar on the pet and go out to enjoy the ride.

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