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Tunnel for Cats – Learn how to make one

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Cats may not be playful animals twenty-four hours a day, but when they want to, they know how to make a good mess to play with. There are a variety of cat toy options and what we are going to talk about here is one of the most fun options: the cat tunnel.

Do you know what is one tunnel for cats? In general, it is any hole that ends in a passage that the cat wants to pass, whether it fits or not. They like to sneak through that little crack you left at the end of the deck or between two pieces of furniture or in that tiny space between the sofa and the wall. If it is a passage, the cat wants to pass.

Thinking about it, the gatekeepers on duty have an alternative to this feline habit: a toy especially for them to pass to and fro. The cat tunnel that is available for sale on the market is, in general, made of polyester and has an inner spring that, after being armed, keeps the tunnel open.

The tunnels for cats have a cylindrical shape and several holes as alternative exits, through which the cat will love to jump and discover a new path. Some have a simple shape, are long and straight. Others have forks that exit into another tunnel. Cats love it and the best part about it is: while they have fun, they also exercise and fight obesity.

Some come with little balls hanging inside the tunnel itself, to further amuse the cat. A great tip is to apply catnip, the cat’s herb, inside the toy. This enhances the interest of the pussy.

The material of the feline tunnel it is ideal because cats will like to scratch, this will save your sofa and curtain, constant targets when sharpening the claws.

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