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Types and Tips of Cat Food

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Among so many precautions that you need to be alert to ensure a healthy life for your kitten, cat food is at the top of the pyramid, isn’t it?

We see many advertisements, we receive many indications based on the popular “my cat loves”, but the truth is that cat food is like your baby’s baby food: it varies by a number of factors, from particular taste to nutrients. And here are some useful tips for you to understand what your pussy wants when you deviate from the feeder because you gave it a ration that it hates and only you didn’t notice.

Types of Cat Food

In order to choose the best food for your cat, it is important that you know that cats feed almost exclusively on nutrients that come from animal sources.

The cat’s organism is suitable for this: they have tusks that do not serve to chew, but instead tear the meat, a more acidic stomach to digest better and a shorter intestine. Therefore, avoid rations that have many elements of plant origin, such as flaxseed and corn gluten, give preference to those with liver or bone meal, fish oil, etc. Remember: the more animal nutrients, the better.

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Like us, the cat will also have its favorites. The preference will depend on the odor, texture and taste of the cat food to please yours. Test until you find the one he really likes. There is no point in wanting to force it, because cats, when they have free access to food, usually eat 10 to 20 times a day, so it is good that it is something he likes to return to the bowl so many times.

A valid tip is to buy canned cat food that is not so dry, so it helps to hydrate your cat!

Cat is not the image and likeness of the owner, remember this!

Who doesn’t love chocolate? Your cat!

As cute as you think of seeing your kitten with its front paws around a square of chocolate, don’t give your cat chocolate. Chocolate contains oxalic acid which prevents calcium absorption, which can contribute to your cat’s weakness. Always consult a veterinarian if you decide to start your cat on a diet outside the common diet.

As with dog food, cat food is divided into classes from popular to Super Premium, which are the most recommended by veterinarians.

But try to keep your cat’s food based on the most appropriate feed. Cat food is the most suitable food because it contains all the necessary nutrients for seven healthy lives.

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ATTENTION: This content is for information only and does not replace consultation with a veterinarian or specialized service. Find a supplier near your home.

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