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What harms your cat?

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Who has never thought of adopting a pet kitten? This act is common in many homes, after all having a pet can brighten your life. But, can you harm your cat? Well, some actions we take are not very good for them.

Some of our attitudes can actually develop stress on your feline. And, without a doubt, the more you care for your pet’s physical and mental health, the longer it will have life. Want to know what hurts your cat? Check it out below:

Excess affection

According to studies by the “Cattle Protection Institute”, half of the cats had high stress when being petted by humans. In other words, these data clearly showed that they do not like the excessive affection of their owners.

Our tip is to notice your cat daily. And, if he gets uncomfortable when he gets too much affection, it’s time to change that. Otherwise, keep giving love to your pet, always in the right measure!

Clothing and accessories

It is important to say that cats (and dogs too) do not need clothes and accessories. Their coat helps to adjust body temperature. Of course, in situations of more intense cold it is even interesting to put on an extra sweater.

Otherwise, it can end up damaging the skin and increasing the pet’s stress. And, like clothes, it’s also important to avoid putting too many accessories on your body. In some situations, like taking a picture for example, there is no problem. However, it is important to know how to limit the use of these items.


Scaring or frightening can harm your cat. These acts make your stress levels very high. As a result, they can scratch, bite, and even hurt themselves if they jump high because of fear.

In addition, under the stress of the very scare, they give off a horrible smell through a gland that indicates the state of danger. So, control yourself and don’t start scaring your pet.

Stay away from home for a long time

Cats, compared to dogs, are more resistant to long periods of loneliness. They can endure being up to 6 hours alone. However, it is not ideal. They need interaction to avoid stress and other illnesses.

In addition, depending on the pet’s temperament, they may develop symptoms of anxiety over time. So, if you want to keep your pet healthy, it is important to give attention and interaction to them. A good tip is to adopt more than one cat. One can support the other while you are not present.

Now that you know what hurts your cat, take good care of them and give them a lot of attention and love! They always reciprocate!

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