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What is passionflower and how can it help the pet?

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Known for its natural calming action, the passion flower is the passion flower. Altogether, there are more than 500 species in its family. It is a plant with several medicinal properties and its use is common to alleviate anxiety, fear, excessive agitation, insomnia – benefits that can also be used to help your dog or cat.

In its leaves, we find most of the therapeutic substances, such as flavonoids. It is from it that we get the benefits that help to treat anxiety symptoms. See the benefits:

– Reduces anxiety, helping with relaxation.

– Induces sleep, due to its calming properties and preventing insomnia and restlessness at night.

– Improves hyperactivity, as it has sedative power that helps to calm down.

– Helps in the treatment of nervous disorders, phobias and aggressiveness, softening the effects caused by these changes.

In addition, it can also be used to combat aging as it is packed with antioxidants such as vitamins A and C.

Learn how passionflower can help your pet

For dogs, the use of passionflower can help in the case of furry ones who suffer from Separation Anxiety Syndrome (SAS). This problem is among the most recurrent complaints of handlers who often do not know how to deal with the dog when they need him to be alone at home.

Confused with bad behavior, canine separation anxiety is caused by a lack of mental and physical stimuli. It results in attitudes that do not please the tutor and the people who live with the furry.

Among them: destruction of furniture and objects, pee out of place, excessive barking, crying and agitation, trembling, licking the paws (when the pet does not have a skin problem) and even biting the tail.

How to offer the passion flower to the pet?

While many people think that it is the passion fruit that helps to calm you, it is from the passion fruit leaf that we get the benefits that help to treat anxiety symptoms.

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The therapeutic quality of passionflower is enhanced when concentrated in supplements. This happens because the doses exceed the capacity that any pet could consume. These products are formulated by veterinarians, safe for pets and all natural.

You supplements they are nothing more than bioactive compounds presented in tablets, powder, pills or sticks, which contain the concentrated form, that is, the most “interesting” part of the food, in ideal therapeutic doses for pets.

Effects begin in about two hours or up to 10 days of continuous use.

Learn more about Passionflower benefits for the pet!

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