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What is Senior Dog Food for Seniors?

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Dog food is a factor that deserves a lot of attention when it comes to animal health. To meet the nutrient needs that the dog has, there is a more suitable type of feed. For the elderly, the senior ration is indicated.

THE senior ration there are differences in the grains, they are more aerated or perforated in the center, thus facilitating the breakdown of the food when the dog chews. Elderly dogs tend to have dental problems due to their age, so you should make it as easy as possible.

Senior feed also differs in manufacturing specifications, containing certain components such as chondroitin and glucosamine, which help joints. Elderly dogs have problems with osteoarticular changes, arthritis and osteoarthritis, so these two components are fundamental.

The lower energy level is also important, because at this age dogs tend to retain energy, because they are unable to exercise well and the metabolism acts more slowly. Muscle mass also decreases a lot.

Another common problem that comes with age is cancer. THE senior ration for elderly dogs should be rich in antioxidants.

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In general, from the age of 7 the dog can switch from adult to senior. As the age advances, your dog will need different nutrients to maintain health, meet these needs.

Adequate food increases the dog’s life expectancy by 90%. The basic tip is to eat more vitamins, less protein and less calories. The amount of phosphorus, sodium and protein in the feed should be reduced if the dog has kidney problems.

There are many details of the senior food that you need to be aware of, but you should keep in mind that only you can provide what your dog needs in old age and take care of it the best you can. Give back with love all the love you have received for years and years.

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