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What you need to know before choosing pet food

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A balanced diet means health for your dog. If you want to keep your pet with the ideal weight, shiny hair and without falling, good digestion and prevent the fur from diseases, offer a adequate food it’s essential. But then the question arises: feed or natural food?

This will depend on many points such as the lifestyle you lead or want to offer to your pet, age and size of the animal, time and investment that you can dedicate to the topic and, also, if your fur has a chronic disease that needs more attention.

The first step is to ask a veterinarian for guidance. This will make it much easier to put on the scale and decide what type of food to offer to the furry.

Natural Food (AN)

AN consists of offering a healthy, balanced diet, with selected high quality ingredients that meet the nutritional needs of pets for each stage of life (puppies, adults and the elderly). It can be cooked, raw with bones or without bones. Each animal must have a specific diet that must be prescribed and monitored by a veterinary nutritionist.

According to FDA guidelines – “Food and Drug Administration”, AN means that the ingredients in pet food have not had any chemical changes made to them.

The best known model is the stew, which is not giving leftover food to the dog or cat. It is necessary to develop a menu that can meet the nutritional needs of the pet, mainly through the cooking process where the food loses some nutrients, subjecting the pet to a need for supplementation with vitamins and minerals.

Just as there are specific industrialized rations for different diseases, it is also possible to formulate “AN” specific to the different needs of pets.

What are the advantages of the Natural Diet?

– The possibility of varying the menu, thus preventing the furry from getting sick and not eating enough.

– The high palatability, as they are fresh and suitable food according to the tastes of the furry.

– Guarantee of quality and fresh products.

– Particular needs are taken into account, always maintaining a balanced diet.

– Shinier and healthier coat, with less hair loss around the house.

– Reduction of allergies, which avoids some skin problems and the discomfort of scratching frequently.

– Avoid obesity, a challenge that we humans know very well the importance of fighting against.

– Does not have chemical additives harmful to the health, behavior and quality of life of your furry.

– Kidneys and urinary system are more protected, since natural food contains much more water than commercial dry food;

– Because it does not have coarse fiber and carbohydrates in large quantities, your fur will have stools with less odor and volume.

Commercial feed

Increasingly, tutors are concerned with offering food compatible with the lifestyle they lead. They are also more willing to invest more in foods that are free of artificial coloring and preservatives and even grain-free. However, there are still many doubts about the choice of dog and cat food.

A wide variety of ready-to-eat foods on the market can even make it difficult to choose your pet’s food. Therefore, it is necessary to understand first that there are categories that define the quality and cost of food. Understand below.

Rations: is it all the same?

Standard or economical rations: are most of the market, so the options are numerous. They have a lower cost per kilo of food and use cheaper ingredients such as bran rich in fiber (from wheat and soy), in addition to proteins from plant sources and a greater amount of carbohydrates such as corn. Most have synthetic dyes and preservatives. Because it offers a low metabolizable energy (food energy that is absorbed after the digestion process in animals), the pet needs to eat a greater amount of food to satisfy itself, which generates a greater amount of feces.

Premium rations: with the greatest concern of tutors with the quality of life of pets, premium rations have increased sales among other types of feed. It can be said that it has a good cost-benefit ratio, since they have better quality ingredients – avoiding wheat and soy bran – and investing in better quality flours such as poultry, for example. In this category there is a better balance between nutrients (amino acids, fatty acids, vitamins and minerals).

Super premium rations: they serve more demanding tutors and are willing to invest more in feeding the pets. The ingredients are more noble and with high nutritional value. There is inclusion of nutraceuticals and functional foods such as prebiotics, omega 3, dehydrated fruits and vegetables, functional fibers. In addition, they have better contents of proteins and fats and have no dyes. Another advantage is the high metabolizable energy per kilo of food, reducing the amount of food the pet needs to eat and, consequently, the production of feces.

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