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Which dog breeds are the most affectionate?

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When we think of pets, we already imagine how companions are for all times. But, did you know that there are dog breeds that are more affectionate? Yes, some pets practically saw the owner’s shadow and do not come off. Not even when he needs to go to the bathroom!

We brought a list of the most affectionate and attached dogs. So, if you have a lifestyle away from home, it is important to research other dog breeds. Otherwise, have fun with the dogs that fall most in love with humans:


Many people believe that the SRD (mixed breed) or mongrel have a difficult temperament. But the truth is that, depending on his genetics and the dog’s past, he can be very docile and loving.

Some dogs of the breed have suffered a lot on the street, so they just want affection from the owner. So if you are thinking of adopting a mate, the mongrel can become a great friend.

Golden retriever

It is one of the most loved and loving breeds. They have a devoted and protective nature. Despite his excitement and enthusiasm, he is considered a family companion.

They are very intelligent dogs. Also, they are very willing to play and learn. They use this breed a lot as a therapy dog.


They can be a little restless, but this breed provides moments of many games for their owners. Depending on the environment in which they grow up, they become funny and loving, or also good watchdogs.

They are great companions for children!


It is one of the most sociable and loyal breeds of owners. They are very fun and want to play a lot with the family. They adapt in any home, as long as they receive a lot of love and affection.

Like the Boxer, they are also great for socializing with children!


This breed is one of the most beloved of people. If you have seen the movie “Marley & Me”, you know that they can be messy as puppies, but they are extremely affectionate until the end of life.

They adapt in any environment, even in apartments. They just need attention and affection to be happy. And, for sure they will reciprocate twice!


This breed is considered very cute by most. They are extremely affectionate dogs and get along very well with other people and animals. They need attention and lots of games to spend all their energy.

In addition, dogs of this breed need plenty of space to run. So, if you have a yard or a big house, you can bet he will be very happy!

So, have you chosen your favorite breed? Tell us in the comments!

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