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White Cat – The peculiarities of white cats

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Beautiful and very charming, the white cat is one of the favorites among pussy lovers. Without showing any type of marking, drawing or stain on their coat, the completely white cats, in reality, are the representation of the total absence of color in the feline coat; which is determined by your parents’ genetics.

As puppies, it is not uncommon for a White cat have some spots on the skin; however, over time, the coat is free of any color interference, and the kitten’s body becomes completely target. Most of the time, the eyes of these cats vary between the colors blue and copper, and the presence of one eye of each color in white pussies is quite frequent – a characteristic that makes them even more interesting.

Different breeds can count on completely white dogs, with Turkish Angora being one of the best known – and part of the list of cats considered among the most intelligent in the world. Although the beauty of the target cats is much admired, there are a number of precautions that must be taken to maintain their health, since the same characteristics that make them so charming are the same that facilitate the appearance of various diseases and skin problems and hearing, among others.

In addition to influencing the appearance of complications, white coat of cats it is a factor that makes them unable to live well in the wild; bearing in mind that, depending on their color, the possibility that they will be able to camouflage themselves (to escape predators, for example) is nil.

Find out, below, the main precautions necessary to ensure the well-being of your white kitten – which can be greatly affected by the sun – and learn how the color of your eyes can indicate a greater potential for the appearance of complications.

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White cat in the sun

One of the main and most important cares that the owners of white cats should take is directly related to the animal’s exposure to the sun. Due to the color of its coat, the white cat has extremely sensitive skin, since its hair is free of melanin – a pigment that, besides giving color to the skin, protects it against ultraviolet radiation.

Without this protection, white pussies that are exposed to the sun without protection can suffer from different types of burns and, in more severe and developed cases, can cause skin cancer in the feline.

The areas of the body that have no hair are the first to be affected by the sun, and ears, nose, cushions (the cushions on the underside of the legs), belly and the area around the eyes are the most likely to suffer from the exposure. Therefore, it is highly necessary that, when walking with your white kitten or playing with it outdoors, a sunscreen (SPF 30, preferably) is applied over the entire body of the feline, protecting it from any type of burn.

The use of sunscreen should be constant, even in winter, and the pet market already has a wide variety of products for this purpose – which have a very bitter taste to prevent the feline from removing it when licking its fur. With this care, the risks of the appearance of skin cancer in the white pussy (considered the most susceptible to the disease) are considerably reduced.

white cats

Hearing the white cat

As mentioned in the introduction, these are the most interesting features of white cats that make them prone to complications, and this also applies to the color of the cat’s eyes. So before taking a target cat home, it’s important to know that the combination of white fur and blue eyes in cats is a recipe for hearing problems – and the animal with these characteristics will need even more specific care than felines eyes with another coloring.

Although it is widely believed that this combination means that the cat with these characteristics is deaf, this is pure myth. However, the chances of hearing problems that can lead to deafness are actually much higher in white cats with blue eyes; It is recommended that they be trained from puppies to understand commands by means of signs, since the possibility of being deaf or just having the hearing part is quite large.

And then? Are white cats your favorites?

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