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Why does Cat lick itself?

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Everyone who has pet kittens asks “Why does my cat lick itself almost all day, when I catch it or for any other occasion?” And really they spend most of the time rubbing the paw on the tongue and then passing it on the ear, then they repeat the process going to the head and continuing through the rest of the body. Anyway, it is a procedure in which they remain for hours, but that is part of their nature.

The first explanation of all this is that historically felines did this after feeding, being a way to scare away supposed predators. Instinctively looking for ways to survive “in the outside world”, they knew that the smell on the body after meals could cause these unexpected attacks, so even today the cat licks itself as a form of bath, to remove all types of body odor. And hygienic as they have always been, this custom is part of their personalities, feeling clean after licking.

When does the cat lick itself by compulsion?

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This habit is common, but anything that is in excess can really mean that something is not going well. And in the case of the furry ones, licking too much can be a compulsion, which is caused when he has a psychological problem. If he is missing his owner’s attention and affection, it will be common for him to start overdoing this custom. And to check this, try to see if he isolates himself more than usual, hides under the bed, inside the cabinets or changes his behavior (becoming sad or aggressive). So, one should seek professional help to treat it.

O cat licks itself too much also because of the stress and this factor is due to its controlling side. He considers the place where he really lives, so a piece of furniture modified or changed places, if he changes his routine, it can make him enter a traumatic state and one of the ways he shows this situation is to clean his hair excessively .

It is worth mentioning that before diagnosing on your own that your pet has any of these behavior problems, check if it is free of fleas, mycoses, has been bitten by some other animal and the cause of the licking is for these or even other reasons . However, regardless of what it is, if you notice that it is different, take it to the vet, as only he will know how to assess the situation and recommend the necessary treatment, and may even include antidepressant drugs if the case is really psychological.

If the cat licks itself, don’t you need to bathe?

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Whoever thinks this is wrong. There are situations in which the tongue (which is rough just for this purpose) is already sufficient to remove dirt from the pussy, especially when they do not leave the house and live in a clean environment. But there are still those who want to bathe your furry, so make sure about the indicated and quality products for felines and their fur, taking all necessary care, as they are more difficult to like water for the shower and this technique requires different practices than those with dogs.

As for the pet that has the habit of strolling on the street, periodic baths are recommended and even essential, depending on the frequency with which they go out. Weekly is ideal, especially if it is light in color, but if it is not possible, fortnightly is a good attendance.

Sanitize their paws when they arrive from the street, since the cat licks itself and his health must be preserved, avoiding diseases such as infections, it is essential. In addition, it is an excellent way to avoid problems even for people in the house. A damp cloth is sufficient, but if the owner wants to use some product to complement the cleaning, he should consult a specialist, who will indicate the correct one for this case.

The relationship of the cat licking and vomiting hairballs

It is normal for the licking cat swallow your hair in the “bath”, as the roughness of your tongue causes the hair to stick to it. And it is also natural for them to vomit them throughout the day, expelling what the stomach was unable to digest. So, to help reduce this, write down a few tips: make the recommended grooming (between 3 or 4 months) if he has a long coat, brush it two to three times a day, choose the rations that help digestion (ask your vet for the best advice for your pet) and give your pet snacks for this purpose. Learn more about hairballs.


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