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Why does my dog ​​itch so much? Know the 4 most common reasons and the solution to end this annoyance

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Being aware of your dog’s skin and hair condition is essential to assess the pet’s overall health. The skin is one of the organs that show the first signs of disease. It is also important to keep an eye on the hair loss, if they look healthy, shiny and soft. Besides, of course, the frequency with which the dog scratches itself.

Scratching is one of the most common habits of dogs, but it can also bother tutors a lot. It is necessary to emphasize that scratching is a natural process of dogs that works as a self-care to ward off insects and other elements that can injure them. Now, if your pet spends all day scratching here and there and you notice that it is bothering the furry, it is necessary to evaluate the possible causes and adopt measures to avoid aggravating the condition.

After all, what can make pets itch so much?

Reason 1: Parasites

The most common reason for itching is caused by the dreaded parasites: fleas, ticks, lice, among others. Although the picture is quite unpleasant, it is easy to prevent. Just keep the routine with antiparasitic to avoid infestations. If it occurs, in addition to the procedures with fleas and ticks, it is necessary to clean and pest the area.

Reason 2: Mites and insects

It is common that in the houses there are mites and other external parasites. To avoid dust mites you need to keep the mattress and pet covers well sanitized. In addition, it is important to establish a routine for cleaning and vacuuming the area. Another measure is to replace the blankets and beds of pets every 12 months.

Reason 3: Atopic dermatitis

Atopic dermatitis occurs when the dog’s body gives an excessive response to an element of the environment or diet that manifests itself as an allergic reaction on the skin and can be aggravated as the dog itches, because the injuries caused by the scratches, make the skin more susceptible to bacteria.

It is important to always keep an eye on the health of your pet’s skin!

Reason 4: Environmental factors and change in dietary routine

Skin reactions can also happen due to seasonal environmental factors, your dog may have allergies to pollen, to excessive heat, for example. Changes in the feeding routine can also compromise the health of the skin, so you must have the guidance of a veterinarian before deciding to change the pet’s food.

Remembering that it is very important to consult a veterinarian when noticing any changes in your pet’s skin or coat.

Shall we stop the itching?

To eliminate itching and provide the well-being of the pet’s skin it is necessary to keep hygiene up to date. Including flea and tick medications regularly is also an important factor.

But, the biggest differential for the success of the treatment is the maintenance of a balanced eating routine.

The Equilibrium Formula, by Botica Pets, is a supplement that concentrates in a concentrated way the benefits of natural ingredients that help to keep the skin healthy. Thus, this formula was developed from the association of functional nutrients that help in the elimination of toxins, improving the absorption of nutrients, strengthening skin and hair and helping to balance the body, in addition to stimulating natural defenses.

Available in tablets, powder and snacks, the formula is suitable for dogs and cats and you can learn more about it on here!

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