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Woman with Dog – Inseparable Companions

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That the dog is man’s best friend everyone is already tired of listening. What happens often is that it ends up getting confused and it is thought that a dog is only friends with men when, in fact, it can also become inseparable friends with women too. A woman with a dog is always well accompanied, just as we have already talked about the relationship of dogs and children.

One of the main characteristics of women is the taste for affection and affection, in addition to the pleasure of being in good company, which is why they are often rated as “needy” or “sticky”. Dogs usually have these same affective characteristics, which makes the woman with dog feel complete and form an inseparable pair with your pet.

Women like pets more than sex

As absurd as it may seem in the headline, the theory that women prefer dogs over sex has already become scientific research in England, through English academic Chaterine Hakim.

In your book Honey Money: The Power of Erotic Capital, Catherine says that, even with the changing times and the proof that women also like to have sex, a large portion of them still affirm that sexual relations are not the most pleasurable things in their lives.

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When asked, by researching the book, about what things make them extremely happy, 25% of women stated sex, while 42% pointed out “owning a pet”. One way or another, it is clear how much women and dogs they can get along. And the dogs or bitches?

Dogs for housekeepers and for athletic ones

One of the most interesting points in the relationship between woman and dog, is that puppies can prove to be excellent companions for whatever the woman’s preferences and lifestyle.

Women and dogs can accompany themselves on runs and walks, and they can also practice agility together, to exercise at the same time. It is enough for the woman to choose a breed of dog that is more outgoing and athletic, who likes to play and move.

For those who like more peace and comfort at home, dogs are great companions for lying on the couch and cuddling while watching a movie or reading a book. See the ideal apartment dogs.

In joy and PMS

Marriage is even more perfect when the dog seems to better understand the woman and her needs at the moment. It is common that the relationship with other people becomes more complicated when the woman goes through the dreaded “premenstrual tension”, but, at the same time, it is usually the period where she most needs affection. The dog, at these times, is a great company to be around without arguments or fights.

O affective bond between woman and dogoften becomes so strong that it ends up causing jealousy in the boyfriends and husbands of the pet owners. Relationships have been broken up by jealousy of pets, which can be avoided with good conversation. At the same time, couples who have pets as children also fight when it comes to separating and deciding who will keep the pet. Dog farms can be a good choice to help in the relationship of couples.

It all seems surreal, but it turns out that dogs have been treated more and more like children, which can really cause this kind of problem. However, when you have good conversations and mutual respect, it is much more likely that the woman will be able to reconcile the relationship with her boyfriend / husband very well with her four-legged partner. Also read about Ana Maria Braga’s dog.

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