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World’s Fattest Dog

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A breed well known to most people, the dachshund, or small sausages, also has among them the dog considered the fattest in the world! Who knew that such a small breed would own that record.

The little one, who became the fattest dog in the world, has already weighed in at 35 kilos, of a breed that reaches approximately 14 kilos in its “ideal weight”. It is more than twice as much as the big Obie carries on his back.

Living with his owners in Oregon, in the United States, the great Odie was always treated well, with his pitying face, the elderly couple who owned him ended up giving too much food for the chubby pet, which ended up being donated by a woman named Nora Vanetta who already loved animals and decided to put Obie on a regimen, to see if she can recover her health and put him in good shape, because the weight already hinders her well-being, Obie can barely walk carrying so much weight.

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Nora already has a labrador and a dachshund, both over five years old and with “normal” weights and with her veterinary background, she hopes that the other two will be able to help and support the new resident of the house to get in shape, slowly.

A diet created by Nora is the first step so that first Obie can walk and breathe more easily and then start exercising more and lose more weight and leave the fattest dog in the world.

In addition to the support of her brothers, Nora also created a facebook page with the title “Biggest Loser Doxie Edition” so that people, fans of Obie, can follow even from a distance the new lifestyle of the pet and the whole process where the seven year old sausage passes during the new regime. And then it will stop being the fattest dog in the world and become “the biggest loser” (in weight).

The owner intends to make Obie lose about 19 kilos, to approach the 16 kilos that would already help the dog to have a healthier and more peaceful life.

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