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World’s Ugliest Dog

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There are always different opinions, divergences between what is ugly or beautiful. Some competitions are part of some cultures to choose who is “most beautiful”. And this also happens in the dog owner community. In the United States, in 2012, there was a contest to choose the ugliest dog in the world.

The winner of the ugliest dog in the world 2012 was Mugly, who lives in the UK with owner Bev Nicholson and, because of him, Bev took home about two thousand reais. And Mugly had already won the UK’s ugliest dog contest in 2005.

Mugly is of the Chinese crested breed and a great dog, said its owner more than proud, who says that Mugly, the ugliest dog in the world, is kind, patient and very sensitive. The dog traveled out of his little house and fought for the title in the city of Petaluma, California.

Photo: Playback / Press

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The prize of the contest, in addition to the two thousand reais for the owner, also gave hotel stays, a photo session, a ride in those big limousines and a year of ration to celebrate the title and Mugly also had to win some good gifts!

After all, the money stays with the owner, so the fifteen minutes of fame for the ugliest dog in the world are deserved for such inner beauty.

This year, in the same competition ugliest dog in the world, it was the turn of Walle, a four year old dog that is a mix of beagle, basset and boxer. They are very different breeds, of different sizes and this resulted in a dog with a beagle and basset size body and a boxer head, with beagle ears. In addition to all these differences, Walle has a small hump.

Photo: Playback / Press

Its owner, Tammie Barbee, adopted the dog when he was just three months old and the dog, even with his clumsy manner, won everyone’s sympathy and, with that, the contest. The prize is now just over R $ 3,000, but Walle is already full of her schedule, with several commitments on TV shows.

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